Automatic Cat Water Fountain With Filter and LED Lights Indicator

Effectively entice your cat to drink more water, stay hydrated & healthy

Over 97% of reviewers give this invention "⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"!


ATTENTION, your cat may be Suffering and Painful, due to the Lack of Water!!

Some cats turn a blind eye to the drinking water in the water bowl and run to drink water under the tap.

Have you ever thought about why this happens?

This is because cats have higher requirements for water quality, and cats will prefer flowing water.

Cats’ senses are very sensitive. They can feel that the water in the bowl is not 'fresh' if you are too lazy to change their water on a daily base.

Cat drinking too little water may cause cats to get angry easily, constipate, hair becomes dull, and the skin above the neck is not elastic.

If the weather is too hot, the cat may even get heatstroke.

Cat excretion is the process of excretion of body waste. If urination is low, the body’s normal metabolism will also be hindered, and it will even cause the cat to suffer from kidney stones and other diseases or urinary system diseases.

These diseases are more difficult to treat and can cause cats great pain.

Introducing the only cat water dispenser you need to entice your cat to drink more water and stay healthy...

Cats have trouble seeing the water level in the traditional water bowl, the sound of gurgling water and lit by a blue LED light at night attracts their natural curiosity. 

Our Automatic Cat Water Fountain holds 2.4 Litre of water, and its carefully designed with ultra-durable BPA Free Plastic with triple activated charcoal and ion exchange filter which ensures the water remains fresh all the time.

You can finally sit back and watch your cat daintily dip their paw into the fountain and lick off the water without trying to push her to drink.


  • Sound of flowing water attracts kitty's attention and makes them want to drink more water and stay healthy
  • Perfect Size that holds 2.4 Litre of water
  • Non-Toxic materials
  • USB Compatible Plug which can be fit anywhere you have access to a USB port
  • The uniquely designed water pump is deployed with a customizable suction cup to diminish the noise to the minimum

Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell if my cat is getting too little water?

When you clean up your cat's excrement, if your cat has little urine and a particularly strong smell, it may be that your cat is lack of water, they need some FRESH water INSTANTLY.

Does it run on electricity? How safe it is?

It runs on electricity via a USB plug which can be plugged anywhere.

 t contains a special waterproof water pump, which has been tested by our tens of thousands to ensure that the entire device is absolutely safe for your cat.

What if it runs out of water?

When the amount of water in this device reaches a certain lower limit, it will automatically cut off the power and turn on a red light.

Can I buy extra filters?

Yes, the activated charcoal filters are available at our store.

To ensure that the water is perfectly clean for you cats, we highly recommend you change the charcoal filter once a month,

Do you ship Worldwide? What about the shipping time?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

The item will be shipped from the nearest warehouse around your location,.

Normally takes 8 - 15 business days to arrive at your door.

Our Happy Customers

It works!

“I have one cat who needed to drink more water, and since she loved the sink faucet, I hoped this would help her.

Eventually, it did, as it took a while for her to take to it. I have a second cat and a small dog who all learned to drink from the fountain within a week. ” 

Miranda D

Verified Purchase

My cats love it!

"At one point, I had to clean out the fountain, since the filter had to be replaced and after I left a bowl of water for my cats, they were still persistent and clawed at the fountain because that's the only place they wanted water from!

Rosalinda G.

Verified Purchase

Looks perfect

"It looks like a decorative fountain you would buy to decorate your home. It is very sturdy, works perfectly and is amazingly easy to clean.

Farmer Fill

Verified Purchase


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