Stop wasting time on the bed, go sweaty in the gym and take a shower to embrace a more productive day! Don't forget to pack everything up including your shoes, blow-dryer, shower kits, and clean clothes. Our PINKPERFECTION ™ can help fit all the stuff you need into just one bag!

How can we expect a productive day if we are wearing sweaty gym clothes?

When we come home, there are so many things can get us distracted, until we finally can not endure the stinky smell from the clothes and decide to take a shower.

This is too bad and not good for health at all!

Luckily, our designer came out with this large capacity bag that you can fit everything you need into.

Why choose us? 

Our special dry&wet separate compartment design allows you to keep the clean clothes from stinky wet clothes. You can also keep your moisturizer, shampoo, and conditioner into the side wet compartment to prevent the accident leaks(which is pretty gross and difficult to clean).

The special shoe compartment can keep your daily shoes which is very helpful for those gorgeous ladies who want to keep the morning workout routine and also go to work productively.

The durable and water-resistant fabric makes it easy to clean so whether going to the gym or a weekend trip, our PinkPerfection™ is a perfect choice.

You can keep yourself nice and clean and don't have to endure sweaty and stinky anymore!

Shop now and get yours today!

Shop now and get yours today!



Will this gym bag with shoes pocket hold my 12" sneakers?
Does this product have free returns?
Do you ship worldwide & how much does shipping cost?
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Keep Your Personal Post-Workout Shower Style

Depending on your personal post-workout shower style and how fastidious you are about the upkeep of your workout clothes, you may or may not take advantage of the plastic bags many studios provide for sweaty clothes. You may even use something of your own instead.

With PINKPERFECTION™ all-in bag, you can say goodbye to those plastic bags. Just be sure to put your dirty clothes in the hamper or laundry as soon as you’re able to!

"What I like about this bag is it has lots of room!!

I don't have a strict shower-at-the-studio routine and opt for a shower at home just because there are too many items to carry.

But this bag really helps! I fit a full outfit, My sport shoes, a shower kit and my big coach purse in the bag! The bag is gorgeous and spacious. "-Katie T. Chicago, IL

Celebrate Sweat: Go to Gym Anytime You Want

Now you don't have to go back home to bring your fitness equipment after a hard day's work.

All you need is ready, now go and celebrate the sweat anytime you want!

"I do like the separate shoe compartment which I normally put my Sandals in when I plan to take a shower at the gym.

I go to the gym five days a week so I’m bringing it every single time with me. It will get many years of use and
I’m so glad that I found it." - Lindsey M.


"Beautiful!!!!! Love love love this bag!

Really spacious pockets on every side.Very durable material. I love the shoe pouch. I left a smoothie in my bag for a week(so gross)I forgot all about it and it leaked out a bit. The liquid wiped off effortlessly inside. I put it in the washer and the sequins were still in place.

Extremely happy it fits everything I need for the gym or a short weekend getaway, it’s awesome !" Catherine M.



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