TR Roller™ -  Cat & Dog Hair Remover

Does your pet shed everywhere, and cost you loads of time to clean off?

By simply moving the roller back and forth, you immediately track and pick up cat hair and dog hair embedded deeply in sofas, couches, beds, carpets, blankets, comforters and more! 

With The TR Roller™, You Can:

  • Pick Up Dog Hair & Cat Hair Easily
  • No Adhesives or Sticky Tape Required
  • Pick Up Any Hairs Including The Humans
  • Works Well On Clothes, Jeans Too
  • Lightweight & Take it Anywhere

*100% No-Risk Money Back Gurantee

Works On Most Surfaces, Including Your Clothes and Jeans

The Magic Cat & Dog Hair Remover works great on rugs and most fabric:

  • Sofas, Couches
  • Beds, Bed Sheets
  • Comforters, Blankets
  • Rugs, Carpets
  • Car seats and more!


The TR Roller™ Hair Remover can be reused again and again and will save you a lot of money in the long run.


* Limited Time Offer


No Batteries or Power source required.

No more wasted sticky tapes or adhesive paper.

Save the Environment - 1 roll at a time!

How it works

The TR Roller™ Hair Remover is designed with a combination of a brush and roller. As you move the tool back and forth, the roller part creates static electricity which helps capture the pet hair and then deposits it inside the chamber in the back easily and effectively.

Step 1: Place it on the surface that you want to remove the hair.

Step 2:  Roll it back and forth in short strokes to trap the pet hair into the chamber. 

Step 3: Press the handle catch to open the chamberRemove all pet hair from the catchment chamber.

Pet hair gone!! 

"I've used it in the car, on the couch, on the bed, on his cat tree, in his little bed, my diningroom chairs. Best thing ever."

- A Cat Owner From New York

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does this reomver work on embedded hair?

Yes! The TR Roller™ Hair Remover works great with picking up pet hair that is embedded deeply in sofas, couches, beds, carpets, blankets, comforters, and more! Just make sure you roll it back and forth quickly!

Question: Can this roller pick up short hair?

Yes! The TR Roller™ Hair Remover works great for short-haired pets. We have received a lot of great feedback from our customers who have: Pugs, American Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, and short-haired cats too!

Question: How long does this roller last? / How often do I need to replace this roller?

It depends on how often do you use the roller. If your pets shed a lot and if you use The TR Roller™ Hair Remover daily, it would last for at least 4-8 months.

Question: How can I wash/clean this roller?

Simple use a soft towel that is soaked with water or synthetic detergent to clean the brush surface. The same applies to clean the chamber. We don't recommend washing the surface directly with water.

Question: Can I use this on my dog/cat?

The TR Roller™ Hair Remover is not a grooming tool so it should be used on furniture or anywhere your pets leave hair but not on an actual pet.

Question: Do you ship Worldwide? What about the shipping time?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

The item will be shipped from the nearest warehouse around your location,.

Normally takes 6 - 12 business days to arrive at your door.


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